October 24, 2021


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Online – Where Art and Technology Merge

Tuesday 12 October 2021

On the first weekend of October, the German Cultural Center and the French Institute in Clausenburg invited the 10th edition of Klugetronic, the “Festival of Electronic Arts”, which explores the relationship between art, technology and games. For example, workshops and discussion tours have been offered on topics such as computer games in the educational sector or transmedia games. There were also shows, like the other events mentioned online back this year. Perhaps the centerpiece of the festival (and its crowdsourcing) is the exhibition Collaborative Art: his work unfolds in interaction with the audience. Some of the exhibits have to be viewed through a smartphone camera in order to come to life; Virtual reality glasses let you immerse yourself in other worlds, and sound waves can be transformed into colors and shapes – there’s so much to discover each year. Anyone who dares to look at a piece in the gallery is usually surprised, sad or poetically funny – and some symbolize our existence a bit frightening: for example, when several eyes suddenly follow their movements in space, as in the installation “All Eyes” You have to” by Anna Chu. The vaulted cellar of the Art Museum provided a wonderful backdrop to all of this. Pauline, an Erasmus student from Germany who has just arrived in Cluj-Napoca, says: “Clogotronic has a very special atmosphere that I have experienced in a few art festivals. Old and new, technology and art are merged there effortlessly. It is a very familiar place and open to everyone, I can just enjoy the atmosphere Undiscovered wall tattoos for the art museum – it’s free and creative.”

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Various games can also be tried during the festival: “Planet Warrior”, for example, created as part of the Clujotronic itself, looks cute, but the task is uncomfortably realistic: to save the planet from destruction. Children and young people enjoy fighting exhaust monsters, collect plastic waste and learn a lot about environmental protection. The game can be downloaded for free from the Appstore or GooglePlay.

Ingo Tigi, head of the German Cultural Institute, was very satisfied in the end: “We are very happy with the way Klugotronic went! Even shortly before the festival, due to the rapidly increasing number of Covid cases, it was not clear if the festival would take place and in what context. However, in the end, we were able to receive the public in the usual way – of course, strictly complying with all security requirements. We reached a large audience both online and offline and received great feedback. Thank you to our visitors who behaved in a very disciplined manner and followed the safety rules, And of course the Clogtronic team, volunteers and partners who made the festival possible in the first place.”