June 18, 2024


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On the verge of completing 50 games for Cruzeiro, Orton design the second division: “We have 38 decisions” | Sea trip

Cruzeiro retained part of the Serie B squad last year for another edition of the tournament, which began on Friday. Returning Cruzeiro to the elite in Brazilian football is the athletes’ goal. One of those who continues is striker Orton. Starting with Felipe Conceicao, analyze what the 2021 tournament will be like. Comment on the challenge of returning Raposa to the national elite.

We already know this competition and we know that from the first match we will make decisions in all matches within the ninety minutes. This is how we will face every round of the second division, and in that spirit we will play from start to finish. We will have 38 decisions.

“I had a few moments of triumph in 2020. I just know all the efforts I made to get to this great club that is Cruzeiro. For all this, this season is the most important and the most memorable one of my career.”

Born in Belém, Aerton has already played 46 official matches for Cruzeiro. If there was no pilferage, he would complete 50 matches in the second match of the third stage of the Copa do Brasil, against Juazeirense. In all, he has three assists and has scored five goals.

About to complete 50 Cruzeiro matches, Airton Designs Series B: “38 decisions ahead of you” – Photo: Disclosure / Cruzeiro

For a striker, of course, goals are important because this is crucial in football. It was against Atlético MG in Mineiro. But what I always suggest doing when I get on the field is get consistent performance, because I know this will help the team and my team-mates a lot as well.

Five Stars Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Disclosure