May 26, 2022


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On behalf of us: From reviews and exciting moments

On behalf of us: From reviews and exciting moments

In the past few days, there has been a moment of excitement on the profile on Instagram. It is important for editors to say a few clear words about them below.

Rate “Mitcher”,

What would the world be gray and bleak if everyone had the same taste and opinion? It would even be a scary place if he was no longer allowed to express an opinion and question things critically. isn’t usually specifically about political topics. We mainly write about new series, movies, and music — in other words, light entertainment fare. In addition to news, we also publish reviews regularly. Of course, these always reflect the personal opinion of the author.

Biting but sincere from the heart

Is this sometimes pungent phrasing? Does such a discussion sometimes have the character of commentary or glossary? definitely! Should you agree to our meetings? of course not! Tastes are just different. Music in particular affects everyone differently, everyone has their own personal preferences. This is also.

Our reviews are honest and come from the heart (music is one of our interests!), even if the judgment is harsh. Work does us harm if it does not convince us. The gender of the artist plays not the smallest role for us.

not firm

The allegations and the backlash from a female artist after our review of her current album surprised us, and angered and saddened us in equal measure. We firmly reject them, as these claims absolutely do not correspond to the values ​​represented by

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Regardless of gender, regardless of origin and regardless of sexual orientation – for us every person is just mortals. If such a person presents his art to the public, he has to deal with negative feedback and be able to accept other opinions. This is how we see it.

Be kind – to a colorful world

We have decided to put under discussion a point about said revision because it has taken a parametric direction.

Finally, perhaps wise advice to all people: be friendly with each other, even if you have different and fundamentally different opinions! Because it is precisely these differences that make the world so colorful and worth living in.

Thanks for your attention

– team