January 25, 2022


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Oenodia, the company that purifies wine using electricity

The International Exhibition of Equipment and Technical Knowledge of Wine Production (SITEVI) opens on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 in Montpellier.

Wine technology company Oenodia participates in it. It has been installed in Pertuis since 2005 and manufactures machines that allow wines to be stabilized without adding additives or using very energy-expensive cooling methods.

The company claims to be environmental and claims to help wine growers cope with the consequences of climate change by stabilizing lime and using electric fields.

Using electric currents to filter wine

To avoid depositing small crystals at the bottom of the bottles, wine growers can add additives to their wine, such as tartaric acid for example. Otherwise, make it disappear with the cold, by moving the wine to negative temperatures via some sort of large freezer. way too expensive in energy. So Oenodia worked on a new way to remove arthritis crystals in a more respectful way to the product.

The wine will go through a very low-intensity electric field, just to remove the right amount of arthritis, potassium, and calcium and dissipate those crystals.Yannick describes Le Gratte.

Adapting to the consequences of climate change

The technology developed by Oenodia also makes it possible to play with the pH and alcohol level of the wine. “With global warming, you have higher and higher pH, higher and higher sugar levels, and therefore higher and higher alcohol levels. So you end up with a very unbalanced wine that doesn’t hold up well. Because the higher the pH, the greater the oxidation problems.“To solve this problem, the company is removing potassium from the wine, again thanks to the electric fields. But the manager reassures, that the structure and aroma of the wine are not affected by these changes.

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You don’t have to be a big producer to access these scrubbing machines. Service providers are allowed to rent them.