July 21, 2024


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October’s new moon brings us a “ring of fire” solar eclipse.

October’s new moon brings us a “ring of fire” solar eclipse.

The new moon will occur on Saturday (October 14), at 1:55 pm EDT (1755 GMT), according to the US Naval Observatory, and this time the moon will create an annular solar eclipse that can be seen in the southwestern United States and southern Mexico. Central America and northern South America, especially Colombia and Brazil.

New moons occur when the moon It passes between the Sun and the Earth. About every 29.5 days, the Sun and Moon share the same celestial longitude, an alignment also called a conjunction. The celestial longitude is a projection of Earth’s longitudes onto the celestial sphere – a line drawn from the north celestial pole, near the Pole Star, towards the south the sun Also hits the new moon. In this case, the sun and the moon are lined up so that the moon passes in front of the sun, placing part of the Earth in its shadow and creating Solar eclipse.