May 31, 2023


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NXP + Microchip license with Inova Semiconductor ILaS

who – which ILaS . network It enables fast and highly efficient packet switching based communication between the microcontroller as the initiator and the connecting clients. Bi-directional data is transmitted throughout the vehicle via a paired UTP cable. All components connected to the ILaS bus such as Iseled smart lights, touch and proximity sensors or stepper motors are controlled via the ILaS protocol implemented in the microcontroller. Unlike other bus systems, where microcontrollers take full control of the ILaS network, ILaS is deterministic. This makes it particularly suitable for modern network concepts such as zone structures with centralized control.

“The range of 8, 16 and 32-bit chipset microcontrollers combined with an improved ILaS suite of software provides our customers with higher data rates and greater flexibility. Combined with our Ethernet suite such as the latest 10BASE-T1S product and with special HMI ICs explains Matthias Kaestner, Vice President of Automotive Division. In Company chip.

“The new ILaS protocol allows car manufacturers to improve driver and passenger comfort without changing their architectures. It can use S32K3 microcontrollers from NXP to control the area to provide a software-defined driving experience,” commented Manuel Alves, Vice President and General Manager of NXP.

Innova Robert Krause, CEO of Inova Semiconductors and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Inova Iseled . Alliance. “In future vehicle concepts, we recognize that the fields of lighting and display are growing together. With our latest Iseled/ILaS technology, as well as display-mounted Apix-Link, we are now also providing solutions to deal with – the economically increasing number of lights and sensors in the driving vehicle.”

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