June 14, 2024


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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang holds a 'casual dinner', inviting top technology executives in Taiwan

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang holds a 'casual dinner', inviting top technology executives in Taiwan

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, was spotted dining casually with the CEO of MediaTek, the founder of TSMC, and several others in Taiwan.

NVIDIA makes industry statement with 'casual dinner', Jensen underscores Taiwan's importance in AI

While this may seem like a simple dinner, it was not. The artificial intelligence markets are currently witnessing a radical transformation, as everything is moving in favor of NVIDIA and its huge ambitions. In all of this, companies like MediaTek and TSMC are striving to get into the NVIDIA camp, as Team Green has not only been able to capture the financial side of things, but the future of the markets is now tied to NVIDIA and its decisions, which is why it has become necessary for relevant companies to be associated with Team Green by any means possible. Here's what NVIDIA's CEO said about the meeting:

They (the companies) have been my partners for almost 30 years. We are entering a new era of technological expansion called artificial intelligence. Taiwan is at the heart of that.

– Via Taiwan Economic Daily

It is reported that Jensen Huang held an informal dinner with top Taiwanese executives from companies such as TSMC, MediaTek, Foxconn, Quanta, Wistron, Inventec, Pegatron, Delta, ASUS, and many other companies as well, and while the details of the meeting were not revealed. This has not yet appeared, and it is an indication of the strength and commitment of the “supposed” NVIDIA group, which is looking to dominate the markets in the future. We all know that Foxconn, Quanta and Wistron are responsible for NVIDIA's AI server markets, including their manufacturing and supply, so their inclusion is vital for Team Green in terms of maintaining market share.

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The most interesting factor, so we should say, of the partnership is the sudden importance that MediaTek has gained in the eyes of NVIDIA. Reports that emerged this year point to the fact that NVIDIA-MediaTek will not be a simple collaboration, but rather it will be an “iPhone moment” in the markets as the two companies plan to establish a large-scale partnership to meet the needs of the automotive and personal computing sectors with their custom chips, which will be another new project for NVIDIA. . We expect details to be revealed at Computex 2024, so be sure to look out for our coverage, as we're reporting on it live from the show floor.

Well, we won't delve too much into TSMC's importance in the entire ecosystem, since the company is the brains behind semiconductors. However, it is safe to conclude that it is the group of companies invited to the NVIDIA meeting that are looking at moving into the future, and the informal dinner will set the tone for the huge developments, which are expected to be revealed very soon.

News source: Taiwan Economic Daily