December 7, 2023


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NUBURU receives SBIR order for phase 2 of AFWERX for 3D printing technology

NUBURU receives SBIR order for phase 2 of AFWERX for 3D printing technology

The American manufacturer of the NUBURU blue laser, used in industrial 3D printing, has received an SBIR order from the second stage of AFWERX. The goal is to develop an additive manufacturing technology based on blue lasers.


Manufacturer of powerful and bright blue lasers for 3D printing and industrial applications, NoboruAccording to one press release Request for the second stage of AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) To develop a blue laser-based 3D printing solution and technology. AFWERX is an innovation arm of the US Department of the Air Force that combines innovative technology developers with the talent of Airman and Guardian to accelerate flexible and affordable capabilities transitions.

3D printing solutions based on blue laser

NUBURU . Blue Laser Technology
According to the company, NUBURU’s blue laser enables unprecedented speed and quality control for metal processing operations such as welding and additive manufacturing (Image © NUBURU).

NUBURU aims to demonstrate the improved speed and accuracy of a metal 3D printer based on blue laser technology as part of the year-long project. In May 2022, we reported that Essentium and NUBURU were developing a blue laser 3D printing system.

The new class of 3D printers aims for micron-level accuracy, increased part size and metal density, and up to 100x build speed with minimal or no post-processing and partial shrinkage.

Noboru sounds

Mark Zedecker, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder of NUBURU said:

“We are honored to bring the power of blue laser technology and the next generation of 3D printing capabilities to the US Army through this decade. By combining the absorption advantages of blue lasers with area printing technology, we aim to develop larger 3D printers that can provide a printing speed of up to 100 times that of a full metal density infrared laser printer. If successful, this could allow the military to build parts for old, outdated aircraft from original suppliers that could take months to source. This would significantly reduce the time required to build and replace critical components and get the aircraft back on the road faster.”

Ron Nicol, CEO of NUBURU said:

“NUBURU has already been a pioneer in metal welding applications in batteries, electronic mobility and consumer electronics, and we look forward to expanding our capabilities to 3D metal printing, all using the same powerful blue laser technology. This project will help bring surface printing, with its high production capabilities and cost advantages. , to key markets such as the aerospace, automotive, and more.”

Video about 3D printing with NUBURU