August 15, 2022


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Frau massiert sich Haare

Not recommended in summer: this popular oil dries hair

For several years, coconut oil seemed to be the panacea for everything. It can be used in cooking, as a moisturizer for the skin, and as a hair oil. But with hair in particular, it depends on how and how much you apply it. Because if you do Hair with lots of coconut oil This can also dry out your hair and make it look brittle. You have to be careful with coconut oil, especially in the summer, when the heat is really stressing your hair.

A miracle cure with coconut oil?

in a study in International Journal of Medical Research provenPutting coconut oil on our skin too pore clogs And the young love can drive. For this reason, the famous miracle remedy for the face is a banned remedy. But just because facial oil is taboo, wouldn’t the same apply to our hair?

Coconut oil has long been seen as the ultimate miracle cure. But is the oil really good for our hair? Photo: Natalia Klinova / EyeEm via Getty

What are the effects of oil on hair?

Unfortunately yes. Coconut oil can have a similar negative effect on hair. Coconut oil is rich in the fatty acid lauric acid, which penetrates the hair shaft to coat each strand. This will make hair Waterproof And the Can repel frizz in humid environmentsmaking hair look healthier for the time being.

But here comes the crux of the matter. Our hair is made of a protein called keratin. Inside this protein are bundles of amino acids that act as the building blocks for strong, healthy-looking hair. If the hair is already damaged by heat or dye and therefore has a broken keratin bond, the coconut oil will not repair it, it will only make the hair more breakage..

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In an interview with the magazine luster Says British hair expert Ross Charles has found that hair oils – and coconut oil in particular – tend to seep into every tiny hole in the hair shaft. This hides the actual problem and works as a quick fix. He adds that this will not help the hair in the long run.

Is there an alternative to coconut oil?

There are many healthier alternatives for your hair than coconut oil. During a recent visit to the hairdresser, I had the best products for my hair and she explained it to me and all the hairdressers agreed. Olaplex Very good for hair.

annoying medical review Olaplex But so far Lack of search attempts with their products. None of their most popular combinations can be recommended because the products have a relative It appears to contain low levels of active ingredients and many questionable filler ingredients.

Try carrot oil instead of coconut oil

Carrot oil offers countless benefits for hair and scalp. annoying Health Line The oil promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss and split ends, eliminates dandruff and dry scalp. Even better, it also maintains moisture levels in the hair and scalp.

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