April 2, 2023


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Nostalgia meets modernity: retro gaming on the Mac and Apple 2e with expert guest Gunnar Lott

This issue is about older games on Mac and Apple 2e. Julia and Michael give an overview of what the old games mean and why they are so popular.

They show off some of their favorite games on these platforms and discuss the benefits of playing on loyal systems or with friends and family.

Gunnar Lutt, one of the creators of the successful podcast “Stay Forever”, in which old games are discussed and reviewed, is present as an expert guest. Together, they also discussed the current state of the gaming scene on the Mac and Apple platforms and whether Apple is on its way to becoming a serious gaming platform. The announcement of games such as “No Man’s Sky” and the reaction of major publishers will also be discussed.

Listeners are encouraged to participate in the discussion and share their own opinions. This episode offers a nostalgic journey through the world of retro games and also offers interesting insights into the future of gaming on Apple platforms.

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