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North Sea vacation turns into a nightmare – tourists are in court

North Sea vacation turns into a nightmare – tourists are in court

Geez! You can certainly imagine better things when you think of a holiday on the North Sea. For example, a completely relaxing break with the family with delicious visits to a restaurant and relaxation by the sea. But it can also turn out completely differently.

Because for a small number of tourists, a holiday in the North Sea becomes a real nightmare. As our partner portal MOIN.DE reports, for a tourist family it was not just about relaxing, they ended up in court.

Vacation on the North Sea: Disaster takes its course

Dominic Young has a ten-year-old son who is severely disabled and just wants a relaxing family holiday in Norderney. The plan was to have a relaxing break on the beach, but then everything turned out differently. Dominic Jung tells partner portal MOIN.DE about his sad story.

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The family wanted to take the bus from the bus station to the beach at 9:40 AM. Including a bike trailer for Jung’s son – because he needs help due to his severe disability. “Since he can’t use a wheelchair, we transport him in a bike trailer on trips. But the bus driver cited “safety reasons” and explained that the trailer is not allowed on buses,” Dominic Jung told MOIN.DE.

North Sea vacation: Family is not allowed to go

Although the father showed the bus driver his son’s severe disability certificate, this did not lead to any change. The family was not allowed to take the trailer. “I was really shocked. I thought there must be a misunderstanding because we recently used another bus route that allows pickups. “That’s why I called the bus company and asked again,” the 36-year-old told partner portal MOIN.DE about his unpleasant experience in Norderney.

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After Jung did not find a satisfactory solution there either, the family wanted to switch to a car. Since Norderney is virtually a car-free island, they had to submit a special application for a “driving licence” to the city council. Seasonal traffic restrictions apply to Norderney, meaning that large parts of the island are closed to cars. The family was still able to spend the day at the beach, but: “It cost us a whole day of vacation. There’s a lot of stress on vacation just because we weren’t allowed to ride the bus for about ten minutes.” “It was taking time,” Young said angrily. “Very long.”

Vacation on the North Sea: Then came the surprise

When the family returned home, the father filed a complaint with the Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen mbH (LNVG), the city of Norderney and the Urich district, as well as the Fischer bus company. Additionally, he posted a negative review on Google and made allegations of discrimination against people with disabilities against the bus company.

This had dire consequences. Two months after his leave, he received a warning letter from the bus company’s lawyer. Jung was asked to remove the review and apologize, among other things, to LNVG and the city of Norderney. He also had to pay a warning fee of more than €300.

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Dominic Young was shocked by the lawyer’s message, and reacted immediately. He revised his negative review on Google and responded to the lawyer’s letter. But he couldn’t avoid paying the money. “Since I cannot understand something like this in terms of inclusion and I myself am severely disabled, I asked for support from the German Social Society of Lower Saxony (SoVD),” he explained.

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If you want to know how the story ended, you can read it on our partner portal MOIN.DE using the following link (here).