May 17, 2022


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Norman Langin – 11 years old

Norman Langen delivers 16 new songs to dance and celebrate, and his new album “11 Jahre” delivers the best hits of the past 11 years and some summer hits including five great acoustic releases.

Discofox and partying are very important to Norman Langen, and it can be clearly seen when listening to his new album “11 Jahre”. 16 simple titles will delight not only DJs in dance palaces, but above all party animals and Norman Langen fans. SCHLAGERportal has previously listened to the album and found it very successful.

Norman Langen guarantees complete dance floors!

At the beginning of the new album there is a musical declaration of love, but “Bis zum Last Atemzug” is above all a beautiful discofox for everyone who loves to dance. And in Spanish concert mode, it continues instantly with “Let This Summer Never End”, cool beats and a rhythm that invites you to dance along and inspires the listener. “Chica Latina” is also reminiscent of holidays on the Iberian Peninsula or in the Balearic Islands, more than three minutes of Spanish sounds – just dance. It is followed by 5 tracks recorded as an audio version, “Our Best Summer”, “Senorita”, “Diess Feeling”, “Pure Gold” and “One of the Millions” sparkling through pure music, recorded without speakers and electronic synthesizer, What are the feelings and the sound of Norman Langen in particular – all are nice to listen to, but also perfectly suited to a DJ playlist. “Dieses Feeling” is a folk song at its best and tells about the longing for someone you still want after a breakup. Die Zuhörer zum Tanzen zu bewegen, scheint Norman Langen sehr wichtig zu sein, der nächste Titel “Baila mi amor” ist quasi Programm, was so viel heißt wie “Tanz meine Liebe!”, schöne Sambarchenhythmänst und und in the south. “Now is our time” is more in the context of partying, it is about partying, good vibes and life in the here and now. The song “A Ship With Our Flag” also features all the dancing bears storming the dance floor, and it sings about the relationship that weathers every storm and the family that always sticks together at home. The first part of “Senorita” is already on the album as an acoustic version, and now it can be heard again in the original with more rhythm and a party feel. Already at the beginning of spring, Norman Langen announced the summer with the song Unser bester Sommer, the title was very cool with a good mood for singing. On the dance floor, “Einmal wir noch waking” was featured on the album, including the thick, complex bass. And “What a DJ Connects” complements the album “11 Years” again with a song Discofocus on the dance floor.

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Norman Langin: 11 Years – Conclusion

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tempted again Norman Langin All lovers of dancing to the discoModern beats with cool beats and plenty of party sounds make this album a must-have for every DJ playlist. But also for all the music lovers who love to party Recommended “11 years” For the CD rack, the audio versions are special gifts for all Norman Langen fans.

Photo: Telamo/Christian Holthausen