January 25, 2022


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No matter how much modern (future) technology can save the planet – Letters to the Editor

To: “The Long Road to the Age of Electricity,” article by Bernard Ganzing (Politics, Jan. 5))

The article describes the requirements for restructuring Germany’s energy supply, well and in an impressive way, without hiding the possible negative effects. In addition to the greater dependence on electricity, the massive increase in demand for electricity is a clear flaw in this “energy revolution”. There is nothing against photovoltaic cells on surfaces, these areas can be used very well and reasonably for this. On the other hand, large-scale outdoor systems and wind parks, which would be necessary to generate all the required terawatt hours, would not only have a tremendous impact on the landscape but would also have serious negative effects on nature, especially the fauna. This should not be neglected and fall victim to activism. Anyone who seriously believes that all that is required is a shift in energy in order to be able to continue as before is seriously mistaken. Rational people who see themselves as part of nature have long realized that we can no longer afford the present way of life and work style and that sustainability is only possible through the restructuring of social life, production and purchasing behaviour. This in turn includes insight and a willingness to part with certain goods and material assets, mobility and travel. If we don’t succeed, no technology, no matter how modern (the future) will save the planet. So let’s stay home more often, and dare to be more regional and support local farmers, retailers and businesses. By the way, our CO2 emissions are also decreasing. Long live mom and pop shop! Stefan Rieger, Glottertal

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