December 6, 2021


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Nintendo - Enjoy your walk with the new Niantic app Pikmin Bloom with MacMagazine

Nintendo – Enjoy your walk with the new Niantic app Pikmin Bloom with MacMagazine

Have you ever walked the streets catching little monsters? Pokemon GO, Has done witchcraft with Harry Potter: Wizards UniteWhy not grow Pygmy seedlings when it happens?

You may remember the name. Pigmin Its first version, released 20 years ago by Nintendo for the GameCube console, was already a line of strategy games. Its purpose was to collect materials and combat the dangers of animals with flocks of plant-like organisms. Two decades later, Niantic, yes, was released just like Pokémon GO Pigmin Bloom.

Check out the trailer below:

It is important to say right now: the focus of the game is not action. In fact, I would not classify it as a “game”, but an application that gives a very interesting and fun walking experience. John Hanky, CEO of Niantic, shared that the goal is to fit in, not compete with your daily routine.

The title uses the aforementioned games of geolocation and the same company to provide you with an environment with beautiful and plantable creatures called pigmin. Yes, you may have noticed that, like Pokémon, Pikmin is not plural.

In a nutshell: Players (or planters? 😛) aim to collect, plant, plant, remove, and then feed on pigment seedlings. If you want, you can name them and get creative with their colorful army – i.e., gang.

Hello Narrow.

Fruits help in growth. You can find them as you walk and turn them into nectar to feed the pigment that forms the petals. These petals are used to create a trail of flowers on the actual map, even creating a bonus for your sapling trip. This path is one of Pigmin Bloom’s best points because it is visible to other players. The idea is to cover the whole world with magazines. ⁇

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Remember the Poké-stops of Pokémon GO? The same places have been replaced by giant flowers here. They bloom as they leave petals around them. Another note, in this application, is the redesigned gifts for the postcards of the places visited; You can save or send to friends.

Madoka Katyama, head of design and user experience, shares that Pigmin Bloom is for all ages, “8 to 80”, with a simple but healthy and fun experience. Augmented reality mode, along with a good recording job, will help for a pleasant walk.

If you do not have the habit of carrying a cell phone while walking, do not worry. Like Pokémon GO, you can enable the facility to read your data from the Health app (Health), So Pigmin Bloom calculates your steps recorded by the Apple Watch or iPhone, even if the apps are closed.