September 24, 2021


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Nikon tried the Z FC digital camera

Nikon tried the Z FC digital camera

WAs for a beautiful SLR camera! And what a routine Nikon! You do not have to be a brand friend to respond to Nikon Z FC in this way, which is currently announced with a delivery date in early September. You do not need to know which model is very similar from the analog era: Nikon FE, FM or FM2. It’s enough to find and know the “classic”: in fact, this compact beauty is the Z 50 in the dress of Nikon’s hit series in the early 1980s.

When the Japanese manufacturer introduced the Z-System in 2018 with a new bayonet and full-frame sensors in two glassless homes, there was no doubt that this was a pioneering step. Conversely, you belong to those who have long jumped on a train named after a train engine Sony Pulled. Nikon introduced the Z50 the following year. It does not have an FX sensor (24 × 36 mm), but one in the ABS-C format (called the Nikon DX), but the bayonet dimension to the larger sensor format. This fact makes up the Nikkor Z 2.8 / 28mm SE lens on the Z fc, which in the 80s design also looks quite large as a normal lens with a focal length of 42mm KB. With a filter size of 52 millimeters, it sees the world with a beephole-like front lens. In the retro design of the SE version, the lens calculated for the FX sensors is only available in the kit with the ZFC for 1250 euros. A Nicor ​​Z DX 3.5-6.3 / 15-50mm VR silver was tried as the second lens; A kit with this standard zoom costs 1150 euros.

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When this lens is paired with a Nikon-conventional “reverse rotation” and ready to work with another rotation of the tube, you’ve experienced the big disappointment of this Z fc. To illustrate this, I would like to quote a page from the internet that celebrates Nikon’s past: “When people talk about the classic Nikon, the camera is one of the best: Nikon FE. It is slightly smaller and lighter than previous Nikkormat and Nikon EL2 models, but it is made entirely of metal. Stopping the club. While the EL2 was still operating a scooter firmly escaped the crash. Anyone preparing for the Z fc and Nikkor 3.5-6.3 / 15-50mm VR job thinks: Oh, no, plastic and elastics.

So don’t get me wrong: with two optics, a 20-megapixel sensor (15.7 × 23.5mm), a sensitivity that can be increased to ISO 204800, a hybrid autofocus that combines grid and contrast measurement on the sensor, with 4K-video and all sorts of digital adjustment screws, The technical internal functions, which are in a completely updated state, create very attractive images. But Z fc is aimed at a group of customers who do not want to tick technical data. This camera should be an accessory for its users and everyone who admires it. Being able to create high quality images with it is definitely secondary. How is very important. There you have to say: others, namely Fujifilm in the X series, have been particularly successful in combining old and new digital technology in the guise of old analog times.