February 8, 2023


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NFT technology preserves artwork from being demolished and allows art to be experienced digitally, forever and authentically.

A whole new way to experience art“Behind this is the basic idea of”randomly organizedHe is also behind “Fabrik” in Chemnitz: we offer rooms, we organize events where people meet – and these meetings create coincidences from which something new grows. Fabrik is currently being completely renovated.

This is how this artwork was created as part of the Raise-Up Academy, where kids painted a 3×3 basketball court. Former basketball professionals Malte Ziegenhagen And the Mary Ann Mihaly From Chemnitz the “Niners” want to help children and young people between the ages of 8 and 15 in the academy with training camps become better at their sport. This photo was taken at a training camp in the summer. The children were directed by artists Ronnie Groner and Ben Hoffman. At first glance, the mural looks messy, but a closer look reveals a clear image of a basketball court – an artistic application of the principle of organized opportunity, which brings the idea of ​​a factory to a point with strong colours.

With the factory building demolished, the artwork would have been lost. But entrepreneur Frank Thege had a clever idea:We segmented the image into 60 pieces and immortalized it as an NFT. Each of these parts can now be sold as a one-off original work of art while perpetuating the overall experience. In this way, each of the sixty elements of the picture becomes an irreplaceable work of art, highly valued for its uniqueness.

Normally, NFTs only exist in the digital world – thanks to the innovative gummy.link technology, however, it has recently become possible to protect and improve existing works of art and objects. Each piece of artwork is provided with a digital twin, which provides insight into the creation of the artwork and also allows the overall artwork to be experienced at any time via video – today as well as in 10 or 100 years.

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“NFT makes a whole new art experience possible,” says Theeg. “Without our gummy.link, the image would have simply disappeared. This way, the entire creation process continues – in every element of the overall artwork. So every image is forever part of the big picture.”

via gummy.link

gummy.link is a product of Authentic.network GmbH. With Gummy, any object becomes an NFT – a unique digital work of art. For the first time, physical things can be experienced digitally in Web 3.0 – and at the same time 100% secure and tamper-proof. Gummy builds the bridge from the physical world to the digital world – as the first of its kind. Easy to use, indestructible, encrypted and stored in the blockchain.