May 19, 2022


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New Windows 11 issue: Microsoft now wants ads to show here too

New Windows 11 issue: Microsoft now wants ads to show here too

Microsoft is increasingly playing ads around Windows 11. According to user reports, there are now also isolated ads in the file manager. We’ve summarized what’s behind it here.

Microsoft uses Windows 11 to advertise its own products in many places. Recently, this also affects file manager, such as “XDA Developers” mentioned. Users would like to see a banner ad for Microsoft Editor there.

The announcement appears in build 22572 of the Windows Insider developer channel. Microsoft Editor is a grammar and spelling utility. The ad at least makes some sense since it’s placed in a document folder. A popular alternative is Grammarly.

Windows innovation: Microsoft is playing more and more ads

However, many users are likely to get annoyed because they are now also facing ads in the file manager. Under Windows 11, these are already available in many other places. For example, Microsoft Outlook is recommended for users in the built-in Mail app. In addition, after a fresh install of Windows 11, many Microsoft applications are announced in the start menu.

What exactly the future of advertising in the file manager will look like is not yet known. For now, it appears that innovation is only being tested on a small scale.

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