May 21, 2022


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New technology enables innovations in manufacturing at Global Hydro

LOW RANNA. At Global Hydro in Niederranna, the first projects are currently being implemented with a new 3D production system.

By investing in the new production plant, Global Hydro, which specializes in hydropower technology, is opening new horizons in the production of hydropower plants. The new manufacturing strategy now calls for assembling these highly stressed parts from several different components. “This has several advantages for us and our customers. We are more flexible in production and can manufacture high-pressure subcomponents from more resistant materials. This increases service life and brings relevant cost advantages to our customers in terms of maintenance,” explains Managing Director Richard Friesberg.

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In order to create the basic requirements for production, the first 3D production system was purchased, which was recently put into service. “weSee these first steps as a test run, as we’re breaking new ground here. First experiences make us very positive. Now it’s all about it“To build the necessary manufacturing know-how and partnerships in order to take a leading role in this promising sector,” said the managing director.

The newly created capabilities for the production and blending of complex geometries should also be used for further development of the design. Friesberg: “This argument is increasingly important in the face of intense competition.”

In addition to being used for specific customer orders, such as recent refurbishment projects in the DACH region, additive manufacturing also provides many opportunities for prototype testing. These are of critical importance to Global Hydro, especially when it comes to operating larger hydropower projects.

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With around 210 employees, Global Hydro generated sales of around €57 million in the 2020/21 financial year. The export share is 95 percent.