February 8, 2023


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New technology changes Windows forever

Artificial intelligence will change windows forever, says Panos Panay. The head of Microsoft Windows and Devices considers the introduction of artificial intelligence to be comparable to the invention of the mouse. Windows will be completely reinvented.

Microsoft: Artificial Intelligence Makes Windows New

Microsoft’s Panos Panay appeared as a guest at AMD’s keynote at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The head of the group’s product department, who is also responsible for the hardware department, has one An overview of the future of Windows giving. According to him, the operating system should be greatly improved through the use of artificial intelligence (source: the edge).

If Banai has its way, AI will simply “change everything.” AI should do this too Reinvent everything you do with Windows. After that, Banay offered nothing more than vague expectations. How exactly AI will find its way to Windows is still up for grabs. Instead, in the context of the subsequent keynote, there were only references to what Microsoft was using on Windows for AI.

As an example of artificial intelligence, Banay gave the Windows studio effects for video conferencing employment. Here users can already use the automatic eye contact function or background blur. According to Panay, AI is used here directly without users noticing. According to him, you can feel the AI ​​at most, but you can’t see it.

Together with AMD Among other things, Microsoft wants to work to ensure that battery life or systems performance are not impeded, despite heavy use of artificial intelligence.

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Windows 11 tips and tricks in the video:

Microsoft with AI plans for Bing

Not only on Windows, but also Changes are pending for the Bing search engine. It was recently announced that Microsoft is the artificial intelligence behind the language model Use ChatGPT on Bing Wants. The first beta version will be published in the coming months. If you succeed, it can chat Then it becomes an integral part of the search engine.