The co-op action RPG Babylon’s Fall was supposed to be publisher Square Enix’s next big hit. But the reality is different: reviews are devastating and hardly any player. This puts the game from Platinum Games for developers on a worse start than the much-criticized Marvel’s Avengers of 2020.

fall of Babylon

The Fall of Babylon: The Next Great Failure

Every publisher nowadays dreams of: One great online game, which connects players to itself over the years and keeps the new content ringing. Epic owns Fortnite, Activision has Call of Duty: Warzone, and Ubisoft has Rainbow Six: Siege.

The Japanese publisher Square Enix wanted to achieve similar success with the fall of Babylon. Now this is Co-op action RPG By developer Platinum Games (including Bayonetta) since March 3, 2022 and disastrous comments: 41 percent in the middle Metacritic and even just 25 percent in user points.

This is how Babylon fell Lowest rated platinum game Absolutely. An all-new experience for a developer that usually gets the highest ratings: 92% for Bayonetta 2, 91% for NieR: Automata or even 87% for Astral Chain.

Is the game already over?

The number of Babylon Falls players is also scary. The match was recorded less than four days after release 100 active users on Steam. At least, the height at all is still on the rise Nearly 1200 players. But that number should greatly disappoint publisher Square Enix.

On Steam, users mainly complain about various microtransactions In a game that costs a whopping €69.99 to start with. A user criticized, among other things, that the game More real money dealers than applicants it contains.

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Also reveals a quick look at the in-game store juice prices. So you can get the in-game currency in bundles priced at €89.99. This also causes a lot of resentment in the community (source: steam).