September 16, 2021


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New Sonic Short Series - Part 1 Released Today Nintendo Link

New Sonic Short Series – Part 1 Released Today Nintendo Link

Sega releases new animated Sonic miniseries “Rise of the Whistles”. In May Revealed Sega has released the teaser for the two-part animated series Sonic colors: Rise of whistlesThe first short animation of the full dialogue and speaker selection that includes the return of the famous Sonic voice actor Roger Craig Smith. This two-part series agrees Sonic Colors: Ultimate On.

Today’s episode introduces Jade Whisperer and Sonic, Tails and the infamous Doctor. Ekman from the Sonic Colors universe. Check them out:

In today’s episode, Sonic and Tails are joined by a lonely Jade Whispe (Will-O-The-Whispe). Escape from Ekman’s incredible galaxy amusement park. Together, Sonic, Tails and their friends must solve the Doctor. Find Ekman who wants to use the powers of the Whispers to conquer the universe.

The animated series “Rise of the Whips” celebrates the 30th anniversary of Sonic and its release Sonic Colors: Ultimate, A restoration of the popular Wii operating system Sonic colors Since 2010. Sonic Colors: Ultimate PlayStation 4, Xbox One and will be released on September 7th Nintendo Switch In business and digitally for PC.

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