With the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra, Samsung introduced three new high-end smartphones, but they lack an important function compared to the iPhone 14. Exactly this technology has now been pushed by Samsung. It can be used soon.

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Samsung Exynos Modem 5300 introduced

In fact, many expected Samsung to actually install a satellite modem in the Galaxy S23. After all, Apple has integrated this into the iPhone 14 mobile phones and thus has already saved lives. Samsung said after the presentation that the technology will go live when the time is right. This seems to be the case now, because Samsung introduced the Exynos Modem 5300, with which you can able to communicate via satellite in the futureeven if you don’t have a classic cell phone network (source: samsung).

Samsung wants to build the technology into its smartphones in the future and things like that Not just emergency calls and text messages Sent via satellite, however Also photos and videos. The company wants to make sure that communication with them works everywhere and as easy as possible. The data is sent to a satellite, from there it goes to a station on Earth, then to a regular cell tower. The data also reaches the recipient when using the normal cellular network. Combined with 5G and newer 6G, worldwide availability should be ensured.

We tried out the 200MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra:

Satellite modem for Exynos processors only

Samsung’s new satellite modem has a small limitation. It is only installed in Exynos processors, which Samsung no longer uses in Galaxy S23 smartphones. So it’s not entirely clear if Samsung will use Exynos chips again with satellite modems in its Galaxy S24 smartphones or if it will wait until 2025 to see where its Galaxy processors should come from. Then Samsung will have everything from one source. Either way, Apple is currently slightly ahead of Samsung in this regard.

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