May 21, 2022


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New show: Knossi is doing it again, but this time on Twitch

Knossi kicks off a new late-night show with Prime Time Games. Source: DLS Consulting

Late night shows are well known from the USA. There they run great, and there they inspire millions of people. The format has also made its way to Germany, and we still fondly remember Harald Schmidt, who brought the letter of the official letter to the point. Even Stefan Raab managed to entertain his fans in this country for 16 years.

But since then it has become quieter. Recently, Internet King Jens’Knosi“Knusala Broadcast”Fresh roasted every dayThe broadcaster had to admit, however, that the format no longer worked properly in linear television. By contrast, there are broadcast formats that Knossi and his agency use. DLS Consulting erected. Whether it’s his camp events with Manny Marc, Sido and Sascha Hellinger or his regular streams.

New Program: Prime Time Games

Schumann Knosi hasn’t given up on the topic completely, so he’s now thinking about the future and introducing the concept prime time games New late night show. This time not on TV, but on Twitch. Additionally, the new offering should improve in other ways. With his boisterous but friendly style, Knussi would like to continue to have distinguished guests as well as fans and musicians, but as the show’s name already suggests, it will run as well. Team Knossi competes against the fans in many fast-paced and entertaining mini-games. Depending on the outcome of the games, the prizes to be won will either go to Twitch chat as a raffle or fans can take home with them.

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Watch and help shape

The audience will also be able to help shape the show. You will become an integral part and leader of this showmanship. By integrating Streamblast, viewers can influence the course through live voting and thus become co-actors, as one already knows in a simple form of camp action. Thanks to the innovative integration of emoji reactions, live tracking is possible, reflecting the mood of each section of the show. This tracking will provide information about which section of the show was received more or less favorably by the audience. According to these findings, the content will be adapted and implemented in the following episodes. So the show grows from episode to episode based on community sentiment.

Thanks to the Twitch platform, the broadcast is live and without classic text. The broadcast slot is Knossi’s channel on Twitch TheRealKnossi. This process is roughly introduced, but Twitch is a platform that frequently creates surprising and unexpected moments due to the unfiltered live mode. That magic should now also be reflected in Prime Time Games, in a way not possible on traditional TV. So no more perfectly written shows and prescribed jokes: now comes Knossi!

As an experienced host and one of the most successful Twitch streamers worldwide, Knossi is known for breaking standards and setting records with innovative Twitch formats. Fans can already look forward to its first broadcast.


  • First show: Saturday 23.10.2021 from 8 pm.
  • Guest of the show: Frank Tunman
  • Musical work: Isaac Guderian

You can find more about Knossi here:


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