December 6, 2021


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New official M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets and 3rd generation airports

New official M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets and 3rd generation airports

The technology company notes that these chipsets were developed for the next generation MacBook Pro, scaling up the original M1 architecture to create a more powerful chipset.

A Apple Has finally released its new chipsets Apple siliconeYes, you read ‘chips’ well Apple Announced two new chips M1 Pro e M1 Max, Forget the previous names of the rumors, M1X or M2.

`The technology company states that these chipsets were manufactured MacBook Pro Measuring the next generation, the original structure M1, To create the most powerful chipset.

‘S specifications M1 Pro e M1 Max, Provided by Apple, As follows.

M1 Max

  • Memory band 400 GB / sec
  • 32-core GPU
  • 57 billion transistors
  • Up to 64GB of integrated memory
  • ‘Energy consumption up to 70%’
  • Pros
  • Motor nerve
  • Thunderbolt4
  • Support for four outdoor displays

New official M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets and 3rd generation airboats2M1 Pro

  • 200GB / s memory bandwidth
  • Integrated memo up to 32GB
  • Pros
  • 2x more transistors than M1
  • 70% faster than M1
  • CPU up to 10 cores
  • GPU up to 16 cores
  • Motor nerve
  • Thunderbolt4
  • Support for 2 outdoor displays

But news from Apple They did not stop there, the giant company based in Cupertino has announced some other audio related products and news, which is one of the focal points of the new Airboats, Is now in its third generation.

3rd generation airports have received many improvements, from design to chipset to battery life, all of which are important for ease of use when using headphones and headphones.

New official M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets and 3rd generation airboards3

In terms of prices, The Airboats3 Sold in Portugal for 199 euros. The headphones will be available online today in Portugal Apple, Stores have been getting it since October 26th.

Starting with the design, the Airboats Third generation models have a similar design Apple Airports Pro, But the smartphone giant seems to think it’s a new design, only they can understand it from Apple, so yes, 3rd generation airports offer a “new design”.

New official M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets and 3rd generation airboards4

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Big difference to Airports Pro Ears, because Airboats Loses ears sent with 3rd generation edition Pro From Airboats.

Back to audio, The Airboats 3rd generation features support Dolby Atmos (For Apple Music) And accordingly there is space audio Apple Now there is dynamic head tracking Airboats.

There is a new custom driver Airboats 3rd generation, which provides better sound. The Apple Headphones will feature Adaptive EQ, which will make listening to music a pleasure.

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