October 1, 2022


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New Ikea gaming chair with air vent design

Available from October

Ikea’s gaming collection continues to grow: With Styrspel, the Swedish furniture store has announced a new gaming chair purportedly inspired by 3D computer graphics. The chair is expected to be available from October.

last october has IKEA It released for the first time a product line entirely geared towards gamers. For this purpose, the manufacturer sometimes entered into a partnership with the Asus gaming brand Republic of Gamers, which eventually led to the UPPSEL series. Under the banner of Gaming 2.0, Ikea has now expanded the range Game scope Foot. From October, with Styrspel A new gaming chair will be available at established retailers and online store. Styrspel will be available in grey/red and purple/black version.

Photo: IKEA

With its unusual design, Styrspel wants to stand out from the gaming chair crowd. According to the manufacturer, the optics passed 3D computer graphics Inspiration to create a distinctive look. The undercarriage of the chair is visible and creates a certain futuristic charm. A different approach is also taken when it comes to choosing materials: instead of a continuous (synthetic) leather or fabric cover, here it comes breathable network to use. This should better cool the body, especially in summer, and prevent annoying sweating.

The armrests are not attached to the seat and the user’s movements are tracked accordingly. In addition, the position of the backrests can be adjusted. Last but not least, Ikea has installed an extra one here headrest, which can be adjusted according to your height. In general, the president should flexible Be and offers several setup options. However, the furniture store has not yet commented on all the features.

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