February 6, 2023


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New Blu-ray Reviews: “Possessor (2020) 4K” and “The Condemned 4K” among others

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New Blu-ray Reviews: “Possessor (2020) 4K” and “The Condemned 4K” among others

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As always on Wednesdays of the week, we’re happy to bring you a summary of the latest Blu-ray reviews from last week. This time, we begin to review the title.Boss (2020) 4K“, these are from Michael Spear And the Jorn Bomblitz Created in collaboration. As a final conclusion they mention here: “…Brandon Cronenberg’s film itself would divide opinions and face major controversy, just like his father’s films. Some will see it as incoherent, boring rubbish, while others will see it as an absolute cinematic masterpiece, full of subtext and intriguing imagery. The truth is: it cannot be overlooked. The artistic skill of the director, and even if the movie is not easy to read, you should definitely have a look as a cinematic friend or friend of this particular movie.They can do the same as their Ultra HD counterparts, they are very compelling and each gets the best of it in their own format. Suits everyone’s tastes.Acousically speaking, modern 3D sound kits also offer a very good soundscape, even if one is unfortunately prevalent due to a completely quiet finish that can’t always be taken advantage of.But when using surround speakers, they completely draw and envelop the viewer with a background Appropriate acoustics to match disturbing images.(JP).


also from Michael Spear A review titled “Wayne’s World” has also been prepared as a 30th anniversary edition in a solid book. Here he writes the conclusion of his detailed review: “…The new version in the Steelbook appears to be technically and in terms of content identical to the version in the Keep Case, which was available 3 years ago, so this “special edition” only gets new packaging. The picture is good, the sound is powerful, There is additional material unfortunately there was none. It’s a shame, because this anniversary would have provided so many opportunities to create something really great for fans. The movie itself is a timeless classic and is rightfully revered as a cult movie: great music, silliness and good music, sans humor He and a number of great actors interrupted in many scenes that made the history of the movie. Excellent!”As always, we hope you enjoy reading our current and detailed reviews on bluray-disc.de and we hope that our tests will help you with your decision to buy or rent. (s)

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2 ratings with ø 5.00 points