August 17, 2022


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New Blu-ray Reviews: Including “His Dark Materials: The Complete Second Season” and “Ran (1985) 4K (Special Edition)”

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New Blu-ray Reviews: Including “His Dark Materials: The Complete Second Season” and “Ran (1985) 4K (Special Edition)”

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As always on Wednesdays of the week, we’re happy to once again bring you a recap of the last week’s Blu-ray reviews. This time he starts with a review Dr. Andre Westphal To the second season of the TV seriesIts dark matterAs a result of his detailed review he wrote here: “… his “dark materials” provide a very good high-resolution image that could only have used better compression. The German soundtrack should have shrunk a bit due to the missing codec, but it delivers a successful performance. The rewards are for TV – the series is clearly above average in 2021, as we almost have to get used to the fact that the add-ons are now completely missing from many collections. Unfortunately, Lyra is very passive in the second season of the series and allows herself to be driven by the story through coincidences. This leads to, in addition, that the tension arc is flatter than in the first season. Especially since the emotional anchor is missing something and one of them is bombarded with the many backdrops of the series’ world. However, his “dark materials” are still above average which is advice for fans of fantasy.


Michael Spear Meanwhile it was with action comedy”Tuxedo – Danger in SuitTo do. In his last conclusion, he said:…the tech side of Blu-ray Disc serves up a solid average without even getting close to the reference range, but that wouldn’t have been expected otherwise. The picture is appropriately sharp and clean, the sound is also convincing (though Dolby Digital) and provides a nice background surround, and the extra material was captured in a 1:1 ratio from DVD, but it still offers a certain added value if you don’t. DVD already owns. On the other hand, the movie is an almost unbearable slapstick apparently aimed at children. It is clear that the plot, character drawings, dialogues and action are aimed at clients who have passed the age of majority. Even for die-hard Jacky Chan fans, these silly outfits are partially recommended.” As always, we hope you enjoy reading our current and detailed reviews on and hope we can give you a little bit of support in our tests when making a purchase or loan decision. (s)

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1 review(s) with a diameter of 5.00 points