December 6, 2021


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New Blu-ray Reviews: Including “Free Guy,” “Monster Hunter,” and “Memory – About the Making of ALIEN”

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New Blu-ray Reviews: Including “Free Guy,” “Monster Hunter,” and “Memory – About the Making of ALIEN”

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As always on Wednesdays of the week, we’re happy to once again bring you a recap of the last week’s Blu-ray reviews. This time it starts with a review Michael Spear at the address”free manConcluding his detailed review, he writes here: “…While picture quality easily reaches the reference level and always delivers crystal-clear images with vivid colors and sharpness, the German sound remains convincing only until you hear the English Atmos sound for comparison. This is more brutal, differentiated and dynamic than the German Dolby Digital Plus mix, but this Also can be heard on its own.The additional material is entertaining and interesting, but could have provided more background.The movie itself isn’t a stroke of genius, but it’s so entertaining, entertaining, and full of references to pop culture and social life, that you can (and should) watch it multiple times So you can capture everything the filmmakers have hidden to the viewer. It’s a must, but everyone will enjoy it too.”


Jörn Bomblitz Taking documents, among other things.Memory – about alien creationIn conclusion, he said in his review: “…” Back to the Roots is the motto of this documentary, which is dedicated to the very early beginnings of the alien franchise, or rather its first title, which over the years has become a true cult film and a classic in science fiction/horror circles. From first loose ideas to the script and concept drafts by screenwriter Dan O’Bannon and first drawings by Swiss artist HR Geiger to filming under director Ridley Scott, you get a lot of information about the creation of the film. All this is presented to the viewer with an excellent picture and a very understandable voice, which does particularly well with its successful German dubbing. Unfortunately, with such a comprehensive documentary, it quickly becomes clear that there is no additional additional material to contend with, even if a few interviews with the creators will surely bring some interesting information or anecdotes.” Alie n “Fans should definitely take a look here, there Definitely something else they shouldn’t know about the classic yet.”

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This week we can once again bring you a new video game review. College Peter Ankovich dealt with the title.Life is Strange: True ColorsHe states in his conclusion: “…Life is Strange – True Colors” has played a place in our hearts. The gift, which at first seemed a bit simple and uninspiring, was used very elegantly to get closer to people than usual. The music remains in the ear, the faces in the eye and the small city with its people in our hearts.”As always, we hope you enjoy reading our current and detailed reviews on and hope we can give you a little bit of support in our tests when making a purchase or loan decision. (s)

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