January 25, 2022


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New Blu-ray Reviews: including “300 4K”, “Wrong game with Roger Rabbit 4K” and “Mission to Mars (2000)”

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New Blu-ray Reviews: including “300 4K”, “Wrong game with Roger Rabbit 4K” and “Mission to Mars (2000)”

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As always Wednesday of a week, we look forward to bringing you a summary of our latest Blu-ray reviews back from last week. This time he starts with a review Jörn Bomblitz On the title “Mission to Mars” (2000). Concluding his detailed review, he writes here: “…Brian De Palma’s journey into the sci-fi genre turns out to be an interplay between scientific exploration of the Red Planet and a mystical level devoted to the question of where we humans actually come from. If you’re hoping to do some amazing space work here, you have to take a step back: although this is also included in the journey to Mars in the beginning, the second half of the movie is much quieter. This is also reflected in the vocal implementation, which focuses on dialogues and rarely provides comprehensive sound on all channels. The image is compelling on the one hand with detailed representation and – from today’s point of view still – very good CGI effects, but one also relied on noise filtering, which ensures skin tones are almost waxy in color, but also process-related film grain completely eliminated. . I’ve definitely seen this much worse, but it should be mentioned at this point. Some informative contributions will be made to fans of bonus material again, which is why it should not end after the credits. Even if the work isn’t necessarily one of De Palma’s strongest works, it can still provide quality entertainment on a quiet movie night. “


also from jorn The review comes from300“In the 4K UHD version. And here he concludes:” …Also in 2021, Zack Snyder’s stylish “sandal adventure” will cause different opinions. Completely politically incorrect, historically out of touch, out of reality and dripping with the juice of life, but plotted from first moment to last and with excellent orchestrated fights, the movie is definitely not for every viewer. However, in the case of the new Ultra HD version, the focus is certainly not on the issue of content, but on its technical implementation. However, this is a double-edged sword, both visually and acoustically, as in the story itself. Due to the widely used stylistic elements, it is not possible to finally determine where the “art” and “shortcomings” of the implementation end. Nothing changes in the setting for German viewers, while fans of authentic audio can look forward to the well-designed, modern Dolby Atmos track. Even with the additional substance, there is only a known food, so here too there is not much additional point to recommend. The bottom line is that the release is aimed more at movie fans who are tech-savvy (picture) and who can use UHD to get some of the nuances of elegant action.”As always, we hope you enjoy reading our current and detailed reviews on bluray-disc.de and hope we can give you a little support in our tests when making a purchase or loan decision. (s)

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1 review(s) with a diameter of 5.00 points