December 7, 2023


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New album review: Ozzy Osbourne based on old tricks and smooth sounds - Region & Country

New album review: Ozzy Osbourne based on old tricks and smooth sounds – Region & Country

Ozzy Osbourne poses on the cover of his new album. Photo: Epic International / Sony Music / dpa

The former hard-rock Prince of Darkness appears to be pretty innocuous on Patient 9, which came out on September 9.

Well, the guy has a lot to do with rock music. He did not pity himself, drank a lot and did more stupid things. He says he doesn’t remember much of it. In short, he’s an old school rocker. And he can’t stop: At 73, Ozzy Osbourne, who had been struggling with health for years, is now his thirteenth starting record.

Help from Andrew Watts

Dubbed “Patient Number 9”, as might be expected, it plays extensively with the insane image that Osborne nurtured for decades, filled with illustrious guests, and is one thing above all: predictability. That should come as no surprise, since Osbourne brought in 32-year-old only American musician Andrew Watt to be responsible for the sound of the disc, just as he has done with the album “Ordinary Man” two years in the past, conjuring up idols like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus with ironed music. on the tape.

I love the opening song

Basically, Ozzy’s new songs are no different, they’re the kind of hard rock you can fill in supermarkets without bothering anyone: If you take out the loud bass, raspy guitars, and drums of drums and replace them with softer instruments, you probably can. Every other pop star makes money from these things in some way. One of my favorite songs is the opening song “Patient No. 9,” which lasts seven minutes and exudes an eerie mood reminiscent of Alice Cooper. Jeff Beck on guitar gives the song plenty of offbeat notes and the entire track is smooth.

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But the low point is a little later “one of those days”. The mid-footed song, contributed by Eric Clapton, feels like a jumble of radio-ready rock elements somewhere between rebellion and luxury rock. “Digration Blues” and “No Escape From Now” are a musical reworking of the old stylistic devices of Black Sabbath contributed by former Ozzie bandmate Tony Iommi, so every Old Sabbath fan has already heard the latest and most exciting and set in their home record cabinet. .

more guests

Other guests on the album include rock greats such as Duff McCaghan (Guns ‘n’ Roses), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) and the late Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters. Zack Wilde, Ozzy’s old friend, hits the strings hard. But even all these talents can not save much in the color mush of this production. Had it not been for Ozzy Osbourne’s signature voice, “Patient Number 9” would likely have been just a rock record.

But as it stands, there’s at least a rehearsal with one of the old major rockstars. Everyone has to decide for themselves if that is enough.