September 24, 2021


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New air and water heat pump with output capacity up to 38 kW | heating technology | technology

The heat pump is available in three output sizes 17, 22 and 38 kW (for the A-7/W35). The Logatherm WLW286-38 AR variant with a 38 kW output is also suitable for refrigeration, as the “R” (for “reversible”) at the end of the product name suggests. The new air-to-water heat pump is a flexible system solution for single and multi-family homes as well as for commercial or office buildings – whether for new buildings or for retrofit projects. Logatherm WLW286 A can be combined with other heat generators in the system and also installed in series.

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A 38 kW heat pump is also available (for A-7/W35). In the Logatherm WLW286-38 AR variant with an output of 38 kW, it is also suitable for cooling.

Thanks to two-stage technology, Logatherm WLW286 A adapts to the heat demand of the heating system, which contributes to its efficient operation. At flow temperatures of 35°C and 55°C, it achieves energy efficiency class A++ at output sizes of 22 and 38 kW. Logatherm WLW286 A at 17 kW output also works with A++ at 35°C and with A+ at 55°C. With a flow temperature of 65°C, the heat pump can also be used in suitable existing buildings as a replacement device or in a bivalent heating system.

In addition, the external heat pump takes up little space: at output sizes of 17 and 22 kW, 0.8 m² is required, and at 38 kW only 1.9 m². The smaller performance volumetric housing is designed in a trapezoid shape, which is intended to reduce perceived volume. The narrow area facing forward also improves airflow. With a maximum sound power of 61 dB(A) (58 dB(A) in low night operation) at 17 and 22 kW output sizes, the Logatherm WLW286 A also remains relatively quiet in normal operation.

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The outdoor unit of Logatherm WLW286 A occupies a small area, in output sizes 17 and 22 kW it is 0.8 square meters of installation space.

A skilled craftsman installs the WPM100 heat pump controller on the wall in the building; Parameters can be quickly adjusted via the built-in 4-inch touch screen. In the standard version, the WPM100 control system includes a non-mixed heating circuit and can integrate three additional functions – for example, the control of up to two mixed heating circuits, the pool heating system or the cooling function of a heat pump with an output of 38 kW. Connectivity is also possible, the Logatherm WLW286 A can be integrated into the building management system via Modbus RTU and KNX.

Optionally, a separate TP300 hydraulic tower designed specifically for the heat pump can also be integrated into the system: this includes a 300-liter buffer tank, an electric heating element, circulation pumps for the primary circuit and unmixed heating circuit, a non-differential pressure distributor, safety components and all required hydraulic components – this reduces of installation effort. With Buderus Logalux PW spool tanks with a capacity of up to 1,000 liters and Logalux SW hot water tanks with a capacity of up to 700 liters, installers can also complete the heating system with specially designed system components.