June 4, 2023


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Netflix upgrades: The gaming attack is expanding

Not only does Netflix have a wide range of series and movies, but it also offers mobile games by subscription for some time. In an official blog, the company has now stated that it will not only continue to offer games, but will also continue to expand its gaming portfolio.

Netflix is ​​expanding its gaming division

Since 2021, Netflix also offers it as part of the official subscription Access to mobile games in. Among them are plenty of casual games, but some real insider tips have also found their way into the streaming king’s portfolio – including for example Oxenfree, Kentucky Route Zero, and Into the Breach.

But it appears that this was just the beginning. in one Enter the official blog Leanne Loombe, Vice President and Head of Outdoor Games at Netflix, explains how the streaming provider’s gaming offering will change in the future. It stated that 55 games have been included in the program so far, 40 more will follow this year. Outside studios are also working on 70 other games.

Although many subscribers may not be aware of the game collection, Netflix is ​​still fully functional. Because in 2024, mobile hit Monument Valley and successor Monument Valley 2 should be part of your Netflix subscription. Both games are a few years old now, but they are still among the best the mobile world has to offer. This is also reflected in the ratings in the Google Play Store: Monument Valley has a score of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars, even surpassing the predecessor’s 4.8 stars.

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Every mobile gamer should know Monument Valley. The trailer for the second part briefly and concisely presents part of the principle of the game:

Monument valley 2 trailer

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2

ustwo games

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2

ustwo games

The new Netflix game is off to a bad start

In March, Netflix introduced the New mobile game High Water before. the A mixture of 3D adventure game and turn-based battle gameIt’s been a bad run with the players so far. Just 2.6 stars currently assigned. However, according to reviews, this is mainly due to Poor game performance on entry-level phones and bad bugs that, among other things, ruin game progress. Looks like the developers should do it again.

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