December 1, 2022


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Nest speakers/monitors can now be configured as home confirmation devices – Jetstream BLOG

Google Home
  • Google smart speakers/displays like the Nest Mini and Nest Hub can now be set as home confirmation devices
  • Home detection when device is turned on or audio playback
  • The “Nest Hub (2nd generation)” can detect the house by the “Soli” sensor

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, Google will introduce a new feature on SNS that introduces the user’s home confirmation device functionality from Google’s smart speakers/displays (Nest devices) such as the “Nest Mini” and “Nest Hub”. she did.

In confirming the presence of a Google user, discoveries can be used[في المنزل]And the[بالخارج]As catalysts for smart home implementation function[روتيني]. So far, the home has been confirmed using a smartphone’s location information detection or a sensor for the “Nest Thermostat” product, which has not been released in Japan.

Recently, device taps or voice operations of Google smart speakers/displays such as “Nest Mini” and “Nest Hub” can also be used to detect home confirmation. In addition, the “Nest Hub (2nd generation)” can use the “Soli (motion)” sensor for home detection.

However, this function must be set to “On” for each Smart Speaker / Smart Display from the “Google Home” app. For the actual settings, go to[الإعدادات]←[تأكيد الصفحة الرئيسية]From the main screen of the “Google Home” app and turn on the hardware key used to confirm the home. By default, everything is off.

[الإعدادات]→[التحقق من التواجد]
Toggle on (off by default)

By the way, the Nest device’s home page confirmation function only uses device tap or audio playback. Life sounds and noises are not used for detection. Also, the disclosure information is not sent to Google (the cloud). Please rest assured.

Google Nest Speaker or Screen: Find out if someone is clicking or using your voice to control your device.

Google Nest Hub (2nd generation): The Soli sensor detects people nearby as well as click and sound actions.

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