September 16, 2021


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NASA's latest space station ship has a 3D printing system for the lunar ground

NASA’s latest space station ship has a 3D printing system for the lunar ground

NASA is one step closer to that Creating colonies on the Moon and Mars From balls or use. The universe today As grades That NASA Other The refueling mission to the International Space Station includes a 3D-printed regolith (i.e. ground or soft rock) machine designed to show the moon and similar extraterrestrial surfaces.

The Redwire Recolith Print Project (RRP) works in conjunction with the existing print system. If this works, the ISS team will measure the strength of the object to see if it can handle the harsh conditions of the earth.

If all goes well, RRP colonialists can print some of their habitats as needed. That could reduce the amount of construction materials NASA will carry to the moon and Mars. Scientists have imagined soil-based habitats Years, But this experiment is relatively realistic – it is an attempt to print 3D flooring with low gravity. While there is still a lot of work to be done, long-term goals Artemis Further future missions to Mars may be more achievable.

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