December 1, 2023


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NASA shares a stunning snapshot of the Pinwheel Galaxy, which is 70% larger than our Milky Way

NASA shares a stunning snapshot of the Pinwheel Galaxy, which is 70% larger than our Milky Way

The image was produced after combining data from four space telescopes

NASA routinely takes stunning images of our universe, leaving space enthusiasts awestruck. NASA’s Instagram account is a treasure trove for those who love watching educational videos and cool photos showcasing Earth and space.

NASA on Sunday shared a stunning image of the Pinwheel Galaxy, which is about 70% larger than the Milky Way, with a diameter of about 170,000 light-years. It is located 21 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Ursa Major (also known as the Big Dipper). ⁣

NASA called it the “galactic spectrum.” The image shared on Instagram shows a spiral galaxy with yellow, red, purple and blue stars at the center and along its spiral arms. The blue stars at the end of the spiral arms fade into the darkness of space.

See picture here:

NASA said the image was produced after merging data from four space telescopes – Hubble, Chandra

“The yellow color shown here is visible light seen from @NASAHubble,” NASA wrote in describing how the image was captured. “In red, the Spitzer Space Telescope shows the red colors of infrared light emitted from star-forming places. @NASAChandraXRay captured the hottest region, shown in color Purple, where we see exploding stars, gas and material colliding with black holes, and finally, blue regions are where the Galaxy Evolution Explorer images ultraviolet light shed by hot, young stars.

In response to the photo, one user wrote: “Glorious thanks to you!” Another described it as a “galactic Barbie version”, while a third wrote: “Beyond words.”

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A fourth added: “The galaxy is so beautiful.”