March 29, 2023


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Mysterious Startup Humane Raise $100M For The AI ​​Device Of The Future – t3n – Digital Pioneers

Animal Welfare Co-Founders: Imran Chowdhury and Bethany Bonjorno, both previously held senior positions at Apple. (Image: Humanity)

The new human AI product wants to revolutionize our understanding and treatment of technology. OpenAI founder Sam Altman is one of the investors. This is what we know about the mysterious device.

Imran Chowdhury is Apple’s former design director who, during his more than 20 years at Apple, helped design the first iPhone, among other things. His partner is Bethany Bongiorno, former engineering director of Apple and co-founder of AI Startup humanity. They’ve worked together since 2018 to revolutionize the way computers and people work together, or more specifically: on the world’s first integrated platform of AI devices and services.

For this vision, the startup has now managed to raise another $100 million, as it stands In a press release he is called.

Kindred Ventures led the Series C funding round. Other participants include SK Networks, Microsoft, LG Technology Ventures and the Volvo Cars Tech Fund. Also investing as individuals are Lachy Groom (ex-bar) and Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI.

According to Crunchbase A total of US$230 million is said to have poured into the AI ​​startup from San Francisco. The company employs around 200 employees.

The next age of computing

Humane aims to develop a platform and device that can unlock the true power and potential of artificial intelligence. “Our first device will allow people to take AI with them everywhere,” Chaudhry was quoted as saying in a press release.

“We are at the dawn of the next era of computing and we believe that together we can fundamentally change the role of technology in people’s lives,” he continues.

It is not yet known what this mysterious “device” will look like.

What is known is that the new device aims to “improve the human experience” and to be the “next generation of personal technology”. The product experience should feel “familiar, natural and human” — so maybe the next big thing after the iPhone? After all, Chowdhury has already proven his design and innovation skills with the iPhone.

humanely Mission statement It states: “Humanity was founded on the principle that we all deserve more technology.”

A human product and service may have something to do with the way we translate real-world experiences into virtual reality, or how we use technology in everyday life. This is indicated, for example, in the following post by Choudhury on February 10:

The mysterious device will be presented to the public in the spring. Those interested can sign up for the waiting list on the website.

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