December 1, 2022


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Multiplayer Puzzle & Action: Epic Games gives you 2 games for free

A good mix of extended gameplay awaits you this week on the Epic Games Store. Source: Kasedo Games, Maple Whispering, Beard Envy; Tripwire Interactive, antimatter games

Epic Games has two new free games for you in the store. Every week you can get more free games here. Offer changes every Thursday. You only need to click the games once and then you can keep them permanently.

Available this week strings And the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. The latter is now available again within the Free Game Collection, and was already free in October 2020. So if you missed the shooter, you now have another chance to secure a multiplayer game.


In Filament, you’ll solve challenging puzzles and reveal what really happened to the crew of Alabaster – the Filament Corporation’s flagship research ship. You must try to regain control of the ship after a mysterious malfunction that shuts down the ship and the crew disappears.

When trying to find out what happened to the crew and why they disappeared, one could rely only on the support of the “Wacholder” – the ship’s sick pilot. Players must face difficult puzzles. Filament is a single player title with complex but highly addictive puzzles.

here you get strings

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the sequel to Rising Storm, the 2013 multiplayer Game of the Year (selected by PC Gamer) published by Tripwire Interactive and developed by Antimatter Games. In it, players will lead their team to victory in massive 64-player battles using authentic weapons, planes, and maps, pitting conventional forces against guerrilla forces.

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From here you start Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

You can get the free content on the Epic Games Store until November 10. After that, the free game offer changes again and waits for you ALBA – Wildlife Adventure And the Shadow Tactics. If you want to see what titles Epic has already released for free, take a look here: Epic Games – Free Game Collection: List of all games

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