September 23, 2021


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Motorsports gaming partner for IndyCar, an official game slated for 2023

Motorsports games They announced that they entered ” Relationship [exclusive] Long term’ with IndyCar to develop a game and Official e-sports events under the banner of this license.

IndyCar’s licensed Motorsport launch game is slated for 2023 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, although according to the announcement, the following esports events may kick off earlier this year.

No further details are confirmed at this time.

“Motorsport Games and IndyCar are thrilled to be able to provide fans with a much-anticipated gaming experience,” Motorsport Games CEO Dmitriy Kuzko said in a statement released with the announcement of the partnership. “After decades of chasing international fame, we couldn’t think of a league more deserving of a video game license. IndyCar shares our desire to bring authentic experiences back to motorsport enthusiasts.”

Although IndyCar cars have appeared in many modern racing games (Forza Motorsport, Project CARS and iRacing for example), the last stand-alone IndyCar game was IndyCar Series 2005 (developed by Codemasters) which was released on PS2, Xbox and PC in 2004 year.

Motorsport Games recently confirmed that it will release its first game for the new dedicated NASCAR series this year, while the Heat’s license has been discontinued. NASCAR 21 will run on the Unreal Engine and Studio 397 “rFactor 2” physics engine. Motorsport Games is also working on a game based on the British Touring Car Championship.

Florian Marquez is a freelance writer for IGN France.

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