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[Monster Strike]Loss if you do not know! Pay attention to the priority of reinforcement with the secret sea ball![سفينة المغامرات في البحر السري]| AppBank

monster (monster blow)“Secret Sea Adventures Ship” is being held in.
In this article,“Secret Sea Jade”Prioritize ship equipment to be reinforced in outline form.
If you are concerned about how to proceed, please refer to it if you wish.

Secret Sea Adventure Ship Quest Strategy / Character Performance Summary

Secret sea ball review

How to get a secret sea ball

You can get a “Secret Sea Ball” every time you clear a “Secret Sea Adventure Ship” mission and the total number of racks for main monsters earned reaches a certain number.

Monster Strike Secret Marine Ball

How many secret sea balls you can get depends on the sea area

In the Nebula Sea Region where you can sail first,up to 8You can get the secret sea ball. On the other hand, in the next “mysterious sea area”the above16and another “marine area of ​​polar ice”the above24It can also be obtained.

sea ​​area It’s time to get a secret sea ball The number of pieces that can be obtained at once
nebula water
(Level 1)
When the total number of main monsters racks gained reaches 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 in each sea area.
(*You can get 8 hits in each sea zone)
(8 in total)
Mysterious sea area
(Level 2)
(the total16)
Extremely Sacred Ice Sea Region
(Level 3)
(the total24)
The total number of secret sea balls you can get 48

When you reach Rack 400 in all waters,48 in totalYou can get the secret sea ball.

Summary of ship equipment that can be strengthened with secret sea balls and the number of secret sea balls required

With Secret Sea Ball, you can strengthen the Ship Equipment that can efficiently enhance the Secret Sea Adventure Ship mission.

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To maximize all ship equipment, you can get the same number of secret sea ballsneed to use 48

Sometimes there is no place in the secret sea ball,Efficiency will vary greatly depending on which vessel equipment is given priority.Therefore, please refer to the ‘Actions Chart’ given below to proceed.

How to efficiently collect secret sea balls and strengthen ship equipment

Effective Action Chart
1 Get 2 secret sea balls with a total of 100 racks in Sea Nebula (level 1)
→ Use number 2 to raise ‘Shape’ to level 1 and increase the golden egg spawn rate by 1.2 times.
In the Nebula Sea area (level 1), make a total shelf of 200 and collect 2 secret sea balls.
→ If you have 4000 secret sea stones, go to the “Mysterious Sea Region (Level 2)”. If not, keep collecting secret sea stones.
2 Get 2 secret sea balls with a total rack of 50 in the sea monster area (level 2) (4 incl. relay)
→ Use 3 pieces to raise ‘Shape’ to level 2 and increase the golden egg spawn rate by 1.5 times (1 piece left)
Make 150 total shelves in the sea area for the monster (level 2), get 4 more secret sea balls (5 in total)
→ Use 4 to raise ‘Shape’ to level 3 and double the golden egg spawn rate (1 left)
Get 2 secret sea balls with a total rack of 200 in the beast sea area (level 2) (3 left)
→ If you have 4000 secret sea stones, go to “Gokusei Ice Area (Lv.3)”. If not, keep collecting secret sea stones.
3 Get 6 secret sea balls per rack totaling 100 in the sea monsters area (level 3) (9 including relay)
Return to the Nebula Sea area (level 1), make a total shelf of 250 and get 1 secret sea ball (10 total)
→ Use the number 10 to raise the “little ship” to level 1 so that you can ship to two sea areas.
4 Collect a total of 9 secret sea balls while creating a fortune pole by sending a ship to 2 places in your favorite sea area
→ Use 9 to set Undersea Explorer to level 3 and increase the obvious speed bonus for Apostros.
5 Target Apostros’ luck with the search compass
6 Use the remaining secret sea balls for the reel and the engine, and apply the last boom.
7 Replace items with collected secret sea stones
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The goal of how to proceed efficiently!

It is recommended to move to the next sea area and increase the number of secret sea balls.

As shown in the table at the beginning, even if you collect up to a maximum of 400 racks in the Sea Nebula region (level 1),You can only get 8 secret sea balls in total.
You can get more secret sea balls in the sea of ​​monsters (level 2) and the polar ice sea area (level 3), so it’s better to earn them there.

Let’s collect secret sea stones to advance to the next sea area

In order to move to the next sea area (* ship expansion), it is necessary to meet both the conditions of “reach a total of 200 racks in that sea area” and “collect 4000 secret sea stones”.
It is important not to overuse the secret sea stone on the way and store it firmly.

First of all, let’s raise the level of the “motif” with the highest priority

If the probability of gold eggs increases, the efficiency of collecting secret sea balls will increase in one go.We recommend that you aim for the max level before other ship equipment.

When the Shape is completed, level up the Little Ship and win in two places.

If you set up a ship in two places, the number of main monsters you can get will increase, so the efficiency will be greatly improved.Up to 10 secret sea balls are required to level up the Little Ship.Therefore, do not allocate it to the equipment of other ships, but save it.

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“Reel” and “engine” have lower priority…

The advantage of the reels is that you can fish more times and get secret sea stones and treasure chests more easily.
But when it comes to treasure chests, it is best to raise the Image Head and Submarine Probe before using them, so the early stages are not that important.

As for the engine, when it is raised to the maximum level 4, it is shortened by 1 hour 30 minutes (4 hours → 2 hours 30 minutes).
Whether or not you feel that the benefits may depend on your playing style, but in any case you can think of it as a low priority, because the waiting time is still quite long.

Use your search compass after Undersea Explorer has reached its maximum level.

Using a search compass that can definitely meet Apostros is much more effective after upgrading the Undersea Explorer and speeding up the obvious bonus.

What if you want to reset the ship’s equipment level?

As you advance through the waters, you will receive a proper reset of the ships equipment. (up to twice)
Otherwise, you can reset it with one ball, but it’s a waste, so it’s recommended to level up carefully.

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