September 24, 2021


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Imagem de: Monster Hunter Rise terá crossover com Okami ainda este mês

Monster Hunter Rice will crossover with Okami later this month

Monster Hunter Rice Receiving a crossover with another coveted series on July 30, in collaboration with Capcom Okami Broadcast! Check out the trailer for the meeting between the two owners:

On that date a new quest will be available to all hunters, and complete it to win the long-awaited Ammi costume (Ammi’s costume), an armor kit inspired by the appearance of the protagonist Wolf Amaderasu Okami.

During E3 2021, Capcom has already announced one Cooperation between Monster Hunter Rice e Monster Hunter Stories2, And a map indicates that there will be many more shortcuts in the next few months.

There will be a third “Capcom Collab” in August, which the company calls these events, while our spring Collaps 4 and 5 will be on offer. Apparently the theme of these shortcuts remains a mystery.

If you already have Monster Hunter Rice On your Nintendo Switch, this seems like a great opportunity to celebrate the universe Okami. PC gamers will have to wait until early 2022 to get their own version of this game Vocals scored 98 here!

You have already tried the new version Monster hunter? What is your favorite episode of the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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