September 16, 2021


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Mon Monde à Moi Launches 7 Family Emotions Game

Mon Monde à Moi is expanding its product offerings with the launch of a new game of 7 families, the 7 families of “emotions”.

my own world

Personal story maker for kids

The first network dedicated to creating personalized, fun and educational stories for children to learn while having fun.

Mon Monde à Moi, which specializes in customizable stories, is expanding its range with a new collection of 7 families. Like all Mon Monde à Moi products, this game was so Developed in partnership with experts from the world of childhood : schools, Montessori teachers and the children themselves but also speech therapists, psychologists….

The Seven Families of Emotions presents a “3 in 1” game for 100% fun learning about emotions. With its colorful cards featuring characters from custom My Own World stories, this game is the perfect prop for fun anywhere and anytime. Action games on each map help kids with that Define and express their feelings better : joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, love and shame.

accompanied by a 60 page activity book, Where we find games, tests and tips for parents. Drawing and saying liberates the emotions of the brain and changes the way things are seen. And during periods of confinement and re-containment… This game is very popular with families.

Launched in 2009, the Mon Monde à Moi concept has been developed under the brand’s license since 2012 and includes today More than fifty institutions. To learn more about the model, how it works and its advantages, find its dedicated profile on the pages of All the Franchise, and be the next to join the Mon Monde à Moi network.

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