May 18, 2022


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Model S Flight wins SF90 Strategy in acceleration!

Model S Flight wins SF90 Strategy in acceleration!

Traditional automakers are keen not to pick up electric cars from above! The latter sometimes generate enough power to undermine the performance of their classic vehicles.

The Model S Blade is a monster: Tesla’s sedan travels from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.1 seconds and delivers 1,020 peak horsepower. This is what the intelligent amateurs of the YouTube channel wanted to test the performance that can improve the most traditional sports cars. DragTimes, By competing with a Model S Fly against Ferrari’s SF90 Stradale.

Ferrari was undermined

Tesla’s car fares are respectable, even better: in many cases it beat the sports car! Both vehicles ran on a 400-meter track specially designed for these comparisons. The SF90 with its hybrid engine has 1,000 horsepower (780 horsepower V8 engine with 220 horsepower electric motors).

If the Ferrari can drive at a maximum speed of 340km / h, the Model S Blade will stop at 322km / h, which is not already bad! The SF90 is much lighter than the Tesla model, showing 1.88 kg per horsepower and 2.15 kg per model S. Beyond all that, on the track it worked better than the image.

During one race, the Model S Flight crossed the 400 meters in 9.363 seconds (237.88 km / h), while Ferrari “satisfied” in 9.590 seconds (236, 72 km / h). Of all the tests conducted, Tesla’s car has in many cases surpassed the Italian manufacturer. You understand that, it’s a question of comparing the acceleration of cars, and in this area Tesla is not afraid of anyone …