June 28, 2022


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Mobile games: the sleeping giant in the gaming sector

Gamble on the phone? In Germany this is still very cautiously accepted. But it is not so in a global comparison – esports also feel very comfortable there.

Esports has also reached smartphones.
Android Authority / Endless Games

The fun of fast-paced gaming on the go on the small screen is a welcome pastime for more video game lovers. Whether it’s Pokémon Unite or FIFA Mobile, mobile titles are popular and often available for free. In terms of graphics, some leaps have also been made in recent years, with some smartphone users rubbing their eyes.

With compatible consoles, it is now possible to create a portable console with a tablet or smartphone that can stand up to the Nintendo Switch – both in terms of visual representation and, above all, the range of games available.

According to Statista, about 14.4 billion mobile games were downloaded from the Google and Apple app stores in the first quarter of this year alone. But gaming professionals have also found a new home on smartphones.

Mobile Legends World Championship reaches over 3 million viewers

Although esports in the classic sense is likely to be played on computers and consoles, mobile versions can already show incredible numbers and thus could appear in the future.

Who in this country none of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang I heard doubt will certainly be seen in Indonesia and the Philippines. MOBA is very popular all over Southeast Asia.

mobile legends

Reminds you of “League of” but “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”

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According to an analysis by Esports Charts, about 3.1 million viewers watched the M3 World Championship in 2021, in which the “Team Blacklist International” was victorious. In total, official tournaments were watched for 387 million hours, 2.5 times more than in 2020.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is also a true pioneer in the mobile sector. This is very surprising for a classic Battle Royale game, because accuracy is especially important in this genre.

However, for professionals, this is not an obstacle and a reason to make fans happy: viewers have watched more than 216 million hours, and this is one of the reasons why about 6 million US dollars in prize money were paid in the PUBG Mobile World Championship.

Overall, PUBG Mobile is among the esports titles with the highest cumulative prize money in the past year: there were just over $17.6 million in prize money to be won here. Only Counter-Strike ($21.1M) and Dota 2 ($47.7M) exceed this number – although these are the PC versions of the games.

Statistics show that behind the “trend” of smartphone games, a sleeping giant is just waiting to conquer the regions of North America and Europe.

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