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Mixed colors in jera kettle |  Jera

Mixed colors in jera kettle | Jera

Mixed colors in the jera kettle

Updated: 10/4/2021, 9:04 am

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Former drama manager Gunter Shim is always in the mood for a joke.

Photo: Ilona Berger

Drama Kapellmeister Günter Schimm at the Gera Theater was the man playing the piano in 115 events at the House of Culture.

Gunther Schim maintains his workbooks with almost precision and accuracy. Notice when, where, and with whom is performing. From 1981 onwards, many parties took their shows to guests at the House of Culture’s venues. Recording Club President Sapphire hires acting band director at the time at Gera Theater to attend the Chanson evening “Animals are Just People”.

First meeting with Kristel Heinz on September 3, 1981 at 2:30 pm and dress rehearsal on January 20, 1982. This is explained in Shim’s books. But where is the premiere date? “I think I missed the date.” Maybe you forgot to write it down? “I’m not really interested in numbers,” says the pianist mischievously. He regrets that he did not write what happened in more detail and decorated it with a story.

The server is at work

Well, there were a lot of weddings, in the large hall and in the intimate circles of the small spaces of the House of Culture. “I was the piano guy in 115 events. Never the main thing, but the servant in action.” He’s accompanied many mimes over the years. Some believe that they are only being fooled by their voice. But talented pianists help them attract the audience’s attention.

Gunter Schim plays Friedrich Hollander, George Chrysler and “Different Contemporaries” on the grand piano. For an Auto Rewire evening at Safeer, you should find “This is easy, this is difficult” on its way to the program, because the last clip is wonderfully ambiguous. And because it is precisely these tones that cannot be found, I quickly set the text to the music in Router style and customized it For his other videos. “

Notes are taken by ear

The program designers especially is resourceful. On “Treffpunkt” there is a chanson evening with Hildegard Knife songs. So you need grades. There is no place. So Shim wrote it from tape through the ear. In the program brochure it briefly states: Music / Musical Establishment: Gunther Shem.

He “touches and composes everything” he can get his hands on. Even with four-legged friends, the pianist is not shy about it. They find their way to places with “It’s easy to operate when you’re a cow”. Johannes Konrad, author of Eulenspiegel, was a guest. The “Animals Are Just Humans” event revolves around the love of livestock. The pianist is always there. “Then I sat with the crowd over red wine and philosophized about God and the world.”

During his engagement, Gunther Schim rated the in-house production “I Love My City” as the best. He describes the entertainment program as Geraer Kessel Buntes. In addition to world stars, Schimm puts Gera representatives in the right light. “Sympathetic and cheerful” can be read in the review.

I felt partial

The fairy tales “The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs” and “The Singing Singing Tree” give children satanic pleasure. “In 2005 and 2006, the theater had to move its performances to the great hall of the house because our facilities were being renovated. The canteen in the house became my focus in terms of supply technology,” says Gunter Schim jokingly.

He looks at the events of the dedication of youth, for which he wrote the world’s first shows. “Only once was I not active on HdK myself.” In 1988 he was awarded the Art Prize. “I tested the theater from the audience’s perspective. I felt a kind of underemployment.”

Most recently, he’ll meet the always-tuned grand piano in 2018 and 2019 in the fall at the opening of Gera Heart Days. She played what the ammunition gave in matters of the heart, of course also “two hearts three to four times”.

By the way, Gunter Shim wants to become an opera singer. A broken voice frustrates his desire. “So I changed my approach,” the 78-year-old tells with humor. At the age of 19 he began his “musical” career as a stage worker at the Karl Marx Stadr Theater and was immediately recruited into the puppet theater. Follows training as a state approved puppet driver. “I was already writing music for pieces, but I had reached the limit as a composer.” This immediately necessitates a delegation to the Music Academies in Weimar and Dresden. She was crowned with success. Gunter Schim gets engaged at the Gerhard Hauptmann Theater in Zittau. Seven years later he sees his future as the leader of a drama at the Jeera Theater.

In addition to his main business, he can walk around as many small side lights as in the House of Culture and live his logo. “The day is 24 hours, if that is not enough, the night also comes.”

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