June 18, 2024


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Miguel Cardozo says a game with Santa “may be the most important game of the season” – The Observer

Rio Ave coach Miguel Cardoso admitted Sunday that Tuesday’s match against Santa Clara from round 32 of the Portuguese Premier League “may be the most important of the season” for his team.

The Vila-Condense team, which has not won nine games in a row, is engaged in the struggle to stay at the main level of national football, but the coach believes that on the trip to the Azores “the team will score points”.

“This match could be the most important of the season if we win it. If we don’t succeed, then we will have to look forward and continue to believe, although I think so.” [luta pela permanência] It continues until the end and that we have the ability to score points in all games, “analyzed Miguel Cardoso.

The Rio Ave coach confirmed that the group understands “the importance of the moment and what it means to win,” but left the warning that “it is essential to do your job.”

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“It’s time for things to flow. We have worked on a game plan, but with a very strong focus on what comes from behind and we have to push it to the limit.” Miguel Cardoso said: “It is important that there is a clear collective intention in this game to comply with the plan. Emotion control is essential. “

In addition to this “emotional stability,” the coach asked for “toughness in behaviors,” without considering that Santa Clara’s quieter position on the league table could be an advantage or a disadvantage for Rio Ave.

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“The teams are very serious and want to win. The players are professionals and they definitely want to score more points. What I think will happen is that when the referee blows the whistle, two teams will compete to win,” Miguel Cardoso shared.

The coach admitted that he is also aware of the results of the opponents involved with Rio Ave in the maintenance struggle, that is, due to the fact that the last three ranked matches in the league are facing, in this round, the first tees.

“We cannot be naive and say that other people’s games do not matter. In the end the calculations are also made with points that others do not get, but it is necessary to add points. I think we will get that and I feel alive for that.”

For this challenge, the Villa-Condenses coach already has options in striker Rafael Camacho, but he will not be able to count on the punished Tarantini, as well as injured Gambour, Junio ​​Rocha and Andre Pereira.

Rio Ave, 15, with 31 points, will play this Tuesday in the Azores against Santa Clara, seventh with 37 points, in a match scheduled at 15:00, which will be managed by Hugo Miguel, from the Lisbon Football Association.