December 6, 2021


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Microsoft plans to upgrade Windows 11 speed and performance by 2022

Microsoft plans to upgrade Windows 11 speed and performance by 2022

During the discussion, a Reddit user noted the sluggish trend of the Windows 11 user interface, which is mainly related to the task of the file manager and the menu that appears when right-clicking.

According to online sources, The Microsoft Focus more on improving the performance and efficiency of your operating system Windows 11 Next year. This was stated by the members of the Development Committee.n“Ask me anything” to answer user questions on the Reddit operating system.

During the discussion, a Reddit user specified the user interface trend Windows 11 For depression, this is mainly related to the work of the file manager and the menu that appears when right-clicking. The developers responded by announcing plans to improve operating system performance by 2022, including faster delivery of user interface components.

“Some problems are caused by the process WinUI; However, others may be unrelated to what our team is doing, but still significant in Windows General. ”We have a dedicated team that focuses on performance over a portion of our UX framework by 2022 and was recently created to address this issue more fully, developers say.

A Microsoft Is committed to making the user interface of your operating system more responsive. Anything that does Windows 11 Less responsiveness when performing simple tasks such as navigating between folders, browsing files, or right-clicking on a menu can be detrimental to a user’s view of the operating system. First Microsoft Intends to encourage Windows 11 Seriously, these operating system issues really need to be resolved.

Channel members Windows Insider Dev The new app can be tested Media player To do Windows 11 What Microsoft Launched. The new software supports audio and video playback and is designed to match its look and feel Windows 11.


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Microsoft is replacing the Windows Media Player

A Microsoft Says the core of Media player This is a completely new music library that allows you to quickly browse music and create and manage playlists. Oh Media player Provides art or artist images in the modes of Screen Full and small reader.

The most commonly played video in the movie & TV app Windows 10 e Windows 11, Media player is also supported. Both video and audio content will now be automatically added to the new player’s library. Users have the option of specifying where the reader can search for additional content.

Oh Windows Media Player Will be replaced by Media player, Which is still available Windows 11. The expired reader will be on the computer Microsoft, But it seems that the new media player will soon be the primary way to watch videos and listen to music in Windows 11. Microsoft has not yet said when the media player will be available to everyone.

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