August 19, 2022


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Microsoft Edge: New Game Features – PC BILD

Almost every second person in the world is a player – the current one starts with this phrase Blog Article from Microsoft. At the same time, the group named its in-house Edge browser as the top choice for gamers. To support this strong thesis, the company is introducing four new Edge features specifically for gamers. COMPUTER BILD EXPLAINS THE INNOVATIONS.

Efficiency mode improves gaming performance

A few weeks ago, Microsoft introduced Performance Mode in Edge – a power-saving feature. The feature is now called Efficiency Mode. New in the current Edge 103 is a switch that automatically puts Edge into eco mode when you start a game on PC. This works in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. The function is already activated by default. You can find the switch in Edge settings after clicking System and performance.

New Games Home

As an option, Edge offers a new start page dedicated to games. According to Microsoft, you’ll find news, guides, live streams, and more about gaming there. If you are signed in to your Xbox account, you should also see information about Xbox content there. And if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you also have the option to stream games in Edge via Xbox Cloud Gaming. None of this can be seen in the current German rim. In the next video you can get an impression of her.

Free games in the sidebar

If you want to enjoy a short game in between, tap the three dots and Toys Some Free Feed: Microsoft has put a selection of free casual games out there. Includes classics such as “Microsoft Solitaire Collection” and “Mineweeper”. Click on a title to start it directly in the browser.

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Clarity boost for more beautiful flow

Stream games from Xbox Game Pass via Xbox Cloud Gaming in the Edge browser? You will find a switch called Clarity Boost. If activated, Edge enhances the game display with more sharpness and contrast.