October 24, 2021


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Microsoft accounts can now be fully used without a password

Microsoft accounts can now be fully used without a password

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Passwords have many vulnerabilities and are inconvenient. That’s why Microsoft now puts users on the bench if they want to.

Microsoft is gradually implementing password-free logins for all users. Until now, logging into a Microsoft account without a password was specifically reserved for business customers. Login without a password is usually not only very convenient, but above all and generally very secure.

Because without a standard password, no one can access it. Additionally, you do not have to worry about remembering a complicated password yourself. And do not covet only one thing To pick up a weak passwordEven to remember it.

Maybe you already have the app installed?

How does a Microsoft passwordless login work? For example, through Microsoft’s authentication app for Android and iOS. Once installed on the smartphone, it needs to be linked to your own Microsoft account. One or the other may already have the app on their mobile device because it allows you to sign in to online accounts in two steps with a password and a second verification feature (two factor authentication) – not just Microsoft, but many other services.

To disconnect from the Microsoft password, you still need to open the Admin page of your Microsoft account and enable the “Passwordless Account” option under “Security / Additional Security Options”. On the way there, you may be lured by a pop-up window to download the app. It says: “Remove your passwords!” If you already have the app installed and connected, you can definitely ignore it.

The password can be retrieved

If you want to sign in to your Microsoft account, Windows (Windows 10 or higher) or Microsoft service such as OnDrive or Outlook, the application uses the PIN for fingerprint, facial recognition or authentication. You can retrieve your password via the Microsoft Account Administration page. If you do not want to continue signing in without a password you can set one up at any time. dpa

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