May 25, 2024


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Mercedes G580 with EQ technology: The G-Class has become electric

Mercedes G580 with EQ technology: The G-Class has become electric

One would have expected a more “electric” name. After all, we are talking about a real milestone in the long history of G. The first working title of the monograph was: EQGnow presented Mercedes The car in front of you and name it G580 with EQ technology.

What was especially important for the developers: G remains electrified real g Therefore a Real off-road. The G580 is also based on one Ladder frame With independent suspension at the front and a solid axle at the rear. It is integrated into the ladder frame Batteries traywhich has a capacity of 116 kWh he have.

Naturally, for real off-road use, the battery needs proper protection and so it was developed Under operation protection Developed from carbon. Also for Water crossings You are ready, maximum Wading depth lies with 850 mm Even higher than traditional G motor. One developer explains to us that this is because you don't have an engine that needs air.

© Photo: Mercedes

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Otherwise? Climbing ability reaches 100 percent And a angle of inclination From 35 degrees.

The G580 has a total Four electric motors Installed, where each person is responsible for one bike and can be controlled individually. Each motor delivers 108 kW, providing a total output of 432 kW/587 hp may be. Maximum torque is 1,164 Nm. A two-speed gearbox is assigned to each engine.

the Differential locks Work in Class G electrical hypothetical They are created using torque vectoring (meaning a specific torque is allocated to each individual wheel). Automatic control; There are no keys for the locks. As befits an off-roader, the G580 has a convertible Low gear range for off-road driving.

Thanks to this technology, the G electric car masters some special “tricks”. For example this one Turn G. The four independent wheels can turn the car either left or right, meaning the G turns practically instantly. This is its purpose Guidance GSingle wheel braking greatly improves the turning circle and terrain maneuverability. And that Off-road crawling It is a type of cruise control for off-road use.

© Photo: Mercedes

To ensure everything is accompanied by audio, you can use Sports mode g roar Activate, a synthetic sound that's supposed to sound like a V8.

Visually, the G580 also looks like a G-Class, although… Aerodynamics The noise generated by the air current is precisely controlled. A slightly raised bonnet, new A-pillar trim, spoiler lip on the roof edge and so-called “air curtains” in the rear wheel arch extensions ensure better values ​​- after all, the drag coefficient has been reduced from 0.53 to 0.48 .

What are we missing? No mention of trailer payload load At 415kg, it also looks rather modest. The weight of G is 3,085 kg.

How far can you go with electric G? Mercedes gives one ranges For a distance of up to 473 kilometers (it works with fast charging with a capacity of up to 200 kilowatts). Or as the developers explain to us: Fourteen times they reach Schöckl in Graz with one load.

The G580 is produced with EQ technology like the combustion versions (Magna in Graz).. Sales start these days and 60 electric cars are expected to reach local customers this year. to the prices For Austria it is still being worked on. For comparison: in Germany the G580 costs about 143,000 euros.

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