November 29, 2022


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Mercedes-AMG ONE takes first place at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife

The Mercedes-AMG ONE is the king of the Nürburgring-Nordschleife: With an officially calculated and notarized time of 6:35.183 minutes for the 20,832 kilometer route, the F1-equipped supercar sets a new record for road-legal production vehicles in the supercar category.

Mercedes-AMG ONE is the king of the Nürburgring Nordschleife

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The standard drives on October 28, 2022 can hardly be surpassed in terms of excitement: At 5:14:31pm, Maro Engel, racing driver and AMG brand ambassador, took to the track at the last attempt of the day and set the new superb time on the legendary and coveted Eifel asphalt. And indeed, it wasn’t even a minute early, because the track was to officially close at 5:15 p.m. Although Marrow Engel had previously set a new world record, the DTM driver wasn’t satisfied yet. Near the end of the track opening, conditions improved over time. So Maru Engel took the last chance and improved the lap time to the new official record of 6:35.183 minutes, based on the known track variant from the Sports Car test, the lap time of 6:30.705 minutes.

“It was a really unforgettable experience,” said Maru Engel, after completing the record lap. “I wasn’t expecting to be able to determine such a lap time in these circuit conditions. In some important areas of the track it wasn’t completely dry and thus was challenging. That was a particular challenge. During the initial testing we tried to figure out the optimal deployment strategy. Like Lewis Hamilton and George Russell On the race weekends I had to use the electric power of the hybrid drive to the best of my ability. This is not without problems, especially with this track length. Plus, it was still necessary to use the DRS function optimally. But it’s also the real feeling of Formula 1. It’s so special to be able to drive around the track in this unique car.”

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“I am proud of the entire AMG team – everyone involved in this project. The various departments at Affalterbach and our colleagues at HPP in Brixworth have never given up and continue to realize the dream of this car. This success is the well-deserved reward for hard work. Even if the AMG ONE is definitely more at home at the Grand Prix circuit than at Nordschleife – as is often the case with this project, we’ve gone one step further. We are the first to take on the challenges at the Nürburgring with a super sports car. This is also what makes this project so unique and I am very happy with this wonderful cycle time,” said Philip Schimmer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.
Maru Engel broke the previous record for road-legal production vehicles by a remarkable eight seconds, despite imperfect racetrack conditions © Daimler

At first it didn’t seem like a new record: The weather was sunny with a slight wind, but the path – the typical Nürburgring in the fall – was still wet and partly dirty in some areas. In some sections, such as the Kesselchen Express section, the perfect line was not completely dry yet. In general, the conditions are not ideal – especially for a vehicle in this ultra-high performance class. Before the track was acceptable on the first fast lap, the remaining time melted down to just under an hour. With air and asphalt temperatures hovering around 20°C, this was only enough for a maximum of four fast laps.

Mercedes-AMG brought two and one to the track, which means the short time can be used effectively. According to the specifications of the Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG, both vehicles have been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland to ensure they are in series. The notary confirmed that the vehicles were in good condition and that standard operations were carried out properly.

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Record-breaking vehicle in perfect condition

Technically speaking, the standard car had everything that Mercedes-AMG ONE offers as standard: The supercar brings Formula 1™ hybrid driving technology from the racetrack to the road for the first time in the world. With one combustion engine and four electric motors, the E PERFORMANCE Hybrid delivers a total of 782 kW (1,063 hp), and top speed is limited to 352 km/h. Other motorsport technologies range from the carbon monocoque and carbon chassis to the carrier engine/transmission unit and active aerodynamics to the push rod chassis. Thanks to complex technology, the two-seater Mercedes-AMG ONE sometimes offers more than just a Formula 1™ racing car. It features an AMG Performance 4MATIC+ fully variable all-wheel drive engine with a hybrid-driven rear axle and an electrically-driven front axle with torque vectoring.

Maximum camber values ​​are set within the delivery tolerance for log run. Maru Engel chose the “Race Plus” driving program. This means: active and maximum aerodynamics, tight body tuning, lowering the car by 37 mm on the front axle and 30 mm on the rear axle, full power from all engines. The Drag Reduction System (DRS) is activated by the driver by pressing a button on the steering wheel. The front air vents retract into the fenders, as does the upper aerodynamic element of the two-stage rear spoiler. If the system detects deceleration or some degree of lateral acceleration, the pneumatic elements extend again at lightning speed.
After completing the record lap, Maru Engel said:
“It was a really unforgettable experience,” said Maru Engel, after completing the record lap.
© Daimler

Intelligent driving style for optimal energy management

The standard lap of the Formula 1™ hybrid super sports car requires not only driving skills, but also an intelligent driving style: Maro Engel used a proprietary power management system to roll the 20.8 km Nordschleife. This meant that he was not able to accelerate as quickly as possible in all sections of the road, but had to conserve energy. To do this, he used the so-called “Power Flow Control” (EFC) four-stage on the AMG ONE and sometimes took his foot off the gas a little earlier. This is called “lift and coast” in technical argon. In addition, the Maro also used energy recovery during the braking phases, so that the high-performance battery still had enough power for a top speed of 338 km/h on the long Döttingerhöhe.

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All of these possible variations can also be used by an AMG ONE customer. This also applies to the completely standard MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 R MO tires, which were specially developed for the ONE tire with development partner Michelin. The standard AMG ceramic high-performance composite brake system ensures maximum deceleration and stability.

The first car factory to have a supercar on the track

Mercedes-AMG is the first car manufacturer to enter the Nürburgring-Nordschleife with this supercar and set records there. Thus, the Mercedes-AMG ONE is not only the fastest legal car ever in Nordschleife, but also ranks first in the Nürburgring “super sports car” category.

Fast lap times have been accurately measured by the neutral experts from “wige SOLUTIONS”. An independent notary certified the proper condition of the vehicle and the measurements with an eleven-page document.

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